The Making of a Loft Closet

by Dan Williams

My son and his wife moved into a loft recently. The loft atmosphere is really cozy and extremely open. The only problem you find with some lofts, especially those in old buildings is closet space. Last week I created a closet space for them. They had bought a closet organizer and we had to figure out a way to hide the organizer. So, I constructed a frame from 3/4 in piping. using t’s for leg adaptation, floor mount became a wall mount, caps became leg feet, 90’s became corners. As the frame was being built we placed curtain rings with clips to hold the fabric. We used three 9’x6′ drop clothes to make the curtain. Then ironed it and it turned out great.

It took about 1 hour to construct this 2′ x 12′ x 7.5′ space.

Cost $181.00