Soon to be a Flea Market Creation

by Luke W.

{posted by Luke}

This past weekend my mom, dad, and myself decided to make a spontaneous trip to the Nashville Flea Market after some of our friends told us they were going.

I was really excited about this trip. I took measurements of spaces in my house where I wanted things, made a list of items to look for and well, that was all thrown out the window when I got to the Flea Market. IT WAS GREAT! I didn’t find some of those list items… but, I will talk about that in the next blog.

I did find one item that is in the process of being turned into something new. And I wanted to share it with you before I share the final product in a few days on here. If anyone can tell me what this is, please do. Thanks to Pat Steele for a great price on this find and many great stories to go with it.

So here is the piece… again, anyone who knows what this was originally used for let me know. Next week I will post what it is now used for!