This Wall Means Something

by Dan Williams

I am always on the look out for a good idea. At least what I think is a good idea. Our home changes almost weekly. I ran across a post this past week and I’m really not sure how. It directed me HERE. had a walk that I just thought was neat, so I set out do do my own. I had bought a Crochet Set about 6 months ago and did not know what I was going to use it for but it made great ladder steps. Pieces of four columns from the 1880’s that I had used on previous projects came in handy. The green shield was made at an orphanage in Haiti. The small blue cross was a gift that is made from wood from the April 27th tornado in Tuscaloosa. The pictures are my dad, mom and mother-in-law (gotta find one of my father-in-law). The large white frame was one of my great aunts from the early 1900’s. Two real old pictures of people I do not know. Also you will find old glass canisters from a doctor’s office. The big cross is one I made from various pieces of old barn wood. The shelf is out of a trunk. Anyway, it all means something to me. Oh, the “W” is for Williams. I made the bench and distressed it. There are old crates under the bench that you cannot see.