How We Work

by Luke W.

Since we are new and everything we need to let you know how we work… how you can get something that you see that you like.

  1. We will make some things to order. For example if you say, “I like these crosses, but I would like a blue 2 foot cross”… WE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU.
  2. If you like the coffee table with the card catalogue. We can make it for you. The reason for the pricing on all products has to do with the amount of labor AND the price for the materials we have to use.
  3. We are thinking up new designs all the time and will always post here and on our Facebook page so you can be the first to see. {see our “like” box on the right of the screen}
  4. To order a piece that you see, please EMAIL US {}
  5. You can also email us with any questions, suggestions, etc. We would love to hear from you!
We hope you continue to check out our blog and Facebook for new and exciting furniture and other designs.