Buffalo Ridge Co

We build custom furniture and other items from our home wood workshop

Recent Work

by Dan Williams

custom table

Table made from door from history Bryce Hospital.



Barn Door Gate made for the home where stairs and toddlers reside.


Old Time Toolbox

by Dan Williams

Thought I would make something this past Saturday morning for no reason at all. Here it is. Old Time Toolbox made from Army box that was packaged in 1953. Used all original wood (except handle) and all original nails. I think I will put a bottle opener on the side. $75 (not as large as it appears)

.Old Time Tool Box

Recent Projects

by Dan Williams

I have been busy doing various projects recently. I was out of the shop for a while due to a multitude of factors, but I’m back now. Here are some the most recent projects.

We make this useless space a great place for books, decor, pantry.

Creating Beautiful Storage IMG_7814 IMG_7815

The space that was very creative during its day to put that old BIG TV over the fireplace us useless today with flat screen TV’s. So, we made it beautiful and useful.

IMG_7816 IMG_7817 IMG_7818 IMG_7819

We bought these old office cabinets and made them into beautiful furniture pieces. IMG_7750Cabinet Conversion Cabinet Conversion

Someone needed the reminder of a cross, so we built them one that can hang in a prominent place in their home.